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Arjan (he/him) founded Burobraak in 2004 after having worked for a number of international agencies specializing in product and exhibition design.

As an information design student at the Design Academy in Eindhoven he worked with design agencies in New York City where he developed his interest for the social impact design can have. Arjan captured the approach that Lance Wyman has to social design in an interview that you can watch below.


With Burobraak he participated in and initiated various fundraising projects concerning AIDS&HIV-awareness in the US and building disaster relief housing in Haïti following the earthquake in 2010. It was because of these and other experiences that socially-driven design would have a strong focus in his further career.

Through Burobraak Arjan has initiated and supported a multitude of 'design for social change' projects over the past 10 years that are set out to impact our society for the better. Consistently viewing his local surroundings from a global perspective with a critical, yet positive and lighthearted approach. 

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