Jeroen (he/him) has been a part-time member of our team since 2018 after graduation as a graphic designer from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. 


During his studies he found an enthusiasm for projects with a positive social and cultural impact. As part of his minor in Cultural Diversity he came to understand the importance of intersectionality and empathy within social projects.

In 2017 he did an internship with us where the first project he worked on was the corporate identity of political party BIJ1. His favourite part of the design process is developing strong and clear concepts that provide the basis of our social design projects.

He believes that as designers we have an obligation to stay critical of our own perspective and take on the challenge to confront ourselves with our blind spots in order to produce inclusive design.

Besides his work for Burobraak he is a freelancer for a foundation that provides educational workshops about gender, sexuality and consent for youth groups and works in the cultural sector as a drag performer.